Nasser and Ming one of the top Kizomba couple, bringing you top Kizomba classes and performance.


Nasserwas a dedicated apprentice of Mestre Petchu(Angola) & Vanessa (Portugal) and now himself is one of the most popular and sought after Kizomba instructors in Sweden. His art has also been noticed and appreciated abroad and he is already booked in several international workshops both in Asia and Europe.


Known for his authentic teaching and technique, he offers his students tailor-made courses adjusted to each students abilities. He focuses and specializes on the “connection” with one’s dance partner and the music. His classes are always an assortment of energy and laughter without shying away from quality or focus. No matter if you are the leader or the follower, his ability to spot and explain the smallest of detail helps each student to develop and fine-tune his/her style.


Nasser’s capability to match his dance moves with the music gives his pupils a great variety, both in his classes and on the dance floor.


Also Ming is an apprentice of the legendary Kizomba dancersMestre Petchu (Angola) and Vanessa (Portugal). She started dancing traditional Thai dance at 8 years old and as she grew older she became a Cha Cha and Rumba instructor in Thailand.


In 2008 she moves to Stockholm, Sweden and discovered Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. She falls in love with Kizomba and now she is one of the most known instructors in Sweden well known for her positive personality and her love for the dance. Her specialty is how to teach the followers how to interpret the signals from the leaders to create a "connection" between them.


Ming has done many workshops in Sweden, Finland and scheduled on several performances in Asia and Europe