Nima born in a family and culture where dance was a natural part of life. He always had a passion for dance and he blessed to be working with my passion.

His carrier startet 2009 with breakdance where he participated in shows and even competitions. A year later he discovered Popping witch made my passion for dancing grow even bigger.

He got in touch with the impressive and beloved dance Kizomba at the end of 2015 and needless to say, he was hooked. Half a year later he started having classes in urban kiz in several cities in Scandinavium.

He focus in the dance is expression, musicality, connection and interaktion with his dancepartner. Nima’s classes will include technique, musicality and connection excersizes and of course partly advanced steps/moves.


Due to his passion for kizomba he do everything in his power to be in the "Kizomba bubble” as soon as he gets the opportunity. That´s why he started working as a DJ aswell. 


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