Curtis & Teresa

Paris , Stockholm
France, Sweden
Curtis & Teresa

Teresa Jimenez, 26, born in Sweden with roots from Cuba, has a big family of musicians. At the age of five, she began a 14 year long music education in violin in a private school in Stockholm. This brought her a lot of experience to get on stage, compete, and most of all learn to evolve her own expression.

With much influence from Latin American music that always was present in her life, salsa would be the thing that would start to change everything.

From the year 2011 she's been taking dance classes from international instructors in Sweden and around the world. 
She's been teaching Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba at "Stockholm Salsa Dance" since 2013 in Sweden.

Teresa started out her kizomba partnership with Kristofer Mencák 2014, together they won the Scandinavium Kizomba Championship and competed in the World championship of Kizomba, where the got 6th place.  Her big breakthrough that brought her into the scene as an world wide international artist was when she became partner with Urban Kiz founder Enah Lebon in 2016 and has since then traveled the world teaching and performing in collaborations with top artists in within the field, teaching choreographed boot camps and workshops for ladystyling in kizomba. Since 2017 she works as an individual artist and is known for her softness yet accuracy in her movements and her very detailed and thorough pedagogy teaching the technique of body isolations and the keys into becoming a very light follow. She sees musicality as the main priority in any dance and shows how you can do so as a follow without interrupting the following in the dance. 


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