Azzedine & Andrea

Paris, Barcelona
France, Spain
Azzedine & Andrea

Azzedine was playing soccer until he had an injury that left him with plenty of free time, which led him to try dancing for the first time ever in November of 2015. He tried Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba at the same party, invited by his best friend who danced salsa. He liked bachata but fell in love with Kizomba immediately. He then started to take lessons in a small association in his city, dancing mainly traditional Kizomba, giving him a very good base. He stayed for two months, and then preferred to find his own way.
He practiced a lot, became a taxi dancer for a while and after one year and half, he taught his first class. His very first demo became a huge success, so he decided to join the "Olympiads of Kizomba'', where he won 3 medals, out of 4 categories: Tarraxa, Sensual and Authentic. Funny he didn’t win Urban Kiz, huh!
After that he started to teach internationally, all around the world, to continue to spread his passion and knowledge. Since November of 2017, this is his full-time job.
He’s style is known to be highly musical, technical and elegant, and he values having fun and sharing this with everyone.


Andrea grew up listening and dancing to salsa and merengue back in Texas, USA, surrounded by her latin family. Fast forward to the summer of 2014, she fell in love with Bachata Sensual when she saw her friends dance on the beach, and shortly after found herself dancing from Thursday to Sunday every weekend of every month. It was in her first night out dancing that she heard “Kizomba music” for the first time and fell in love. 
She didn’t attend any classes but always danced at socials and parties as much as she could. She later started to travel often to Bachata congresses, working as both staff and Host, while continuing to dance salsa bachata and some kizomba.
It wasn’t until meeting and connecting with Enah Lebon that she started to be more in contact with the Kizomba scene, and it was him who eventually told Azzedine about this “dancer from Tenerife”. Since her partnership with Azzedine, in early 2019, she’s been travelling and teaching aside him ever since. Urban Kiz has been a before and after in her career, and she only hopes to continue to learn, grow, and give value back to the world of dance.

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