Julio & Lina

Lina and Julio Feliz Törnqvist are from Tropical Sundsvall dance school, Sundsvall.

Julio was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and has been dancing since he was a child. Bachata has always been a big part of his life, as he grew up with the bachata culture, music and dance. He has been living in Sweden for 1.5 years and give dance classes in Sundsvall with Lina.

Lina is from Sundsvall, but has a "Dominican heart". She has done many trips to the Dominican Republic in the recent years. There she has participated in several bachata festivals, attended bachata concerts with the most famous singers and learned more bachata by traveling around and dancing in different Dominican villages.

Together they want to spread the Dominican bachata in Sweden and teach others how they dance and enjoy bachata on the streets of the Dominican Republic.

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