The always smiling DJ Latin Mania was born in 1971 on the beautiful island of Curaçao. Grew up with a father who had already organized big parties at home, his music and entertained him up to date. Although Latin music has always played a major role in his life, DJ Latin Mania only started playing records around 2007.

First he played under his own name "DJ Marco" in local Limburg cafés and clubs. But his reputation quickly moved him forward, and in no time DJ Latin Mania (as he had now taken on a new catchy name) was a well-known and much sought-after DJ in the Latin scene. You could hear him at Bachata Lounge, Club Fiera, The Exclusive Bachata Night, Latin Underground and in various clubs.

DJ Latin Mania is a true bachata MANIAC! Of course he has a wide collection of CDs in his DJ case, but bachata has taken his heart and has never let go. When bachata music became a real hit with the mainstream Latin audience at the beginning of 2010, this was the chance to bring his DJ skills to the rest of the Netherlands and to convey his passion for bachata to this group! Soon the DJ became known to the bachatafans for his cheerful mood, his own dance style - yes, you can also find him before the DJ booth! - and his good taste in music. In the meantime DJ Latin Mania is indispensable from the bachatascene, and he has a large number of loyal fans. These fans can often hear when Latin Mania crawls behind the turntable.

He has his own style of rotation, which the diehard bachatalover recognizes him. Although he loves all bachata, the Dominican style is his favorite, and he was one of the first DJs to include live versions of bachata songs in his repertoire, which has a special effect on the audience.

DJ Latin Mania in tha house, SOWIESO means one big party! Satisfaction guaranteed! He himself goes wild all the time behind the turntable, but he only really enjoys when the audience enjoys it. When the dance floor is full and people go crazy on the records he plays, the evening is a success for DJ Latin Mania. And that is what happens when Latin Mania crawls behind the turntables. People let go, dance until they drop!

But the DJ does have his own vision of playing music. He doesn't just say "yes" to every request he receives. The concept of the party must match what the DJ feels in his heart. The sets that he has to play must fit him, he must be able to put his egg in it. That makes him a DJ who stays true to his own sense of music. With DJ Latin Mania behind the turntable you know that every record is played with passion and pleasure.