Mika & Marine

Mika & Marine

Marine, originaly fom Portugal, she dances since her 5 years old Contmporain dance and Modern Jazz. She starts t dance Kizomba in 2008 in Paris and she became famous in 2014 because of te Buzz of her video wit more tan 34 milions of vues in Facebook : « Contola » fom te singer Badoxa in Mexico. Mika, originaly fom Cape Verde, he dances hip-hop and break dance since his 8 years old. He dance Kizomba « pasada » since he’s young because of his origins. Finaly he starts t dance Kizomba in 2014. Intrnatonals tachers, passionat about Kizomba, Marine et Mika are te pioneers of Kizomba in Sydney, Austalia. Tey used t tach Kizomba tere during 1 year (2015-2016) in te biger school of dance of Austalia : LATIN DANCE AUSTRALIA. Now tey tach in Barcelona since Septmber 2017 in teir own school. Start fom tis, tey tavel around te world t tach and share teir passion for te Kizomba in : New Caledonia, Austalia, New Zeland, Mexico, Bangkok, Bali, California ,Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Philipines, Taïwan, France, Norway…

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