Jessie & Jelena

Jessie & Jelena are based in Gothenburg, Sweden and have been teaching Bachata together since 2018.

They are known for their funfilled, detailed and pedagogic classes. Their style is Bachata Sensual with a touch of Dominican and Modern Bachata. They teach regular classes at Esconde Dance and internationally at festivals.

Jessie Spångberg is a certified Bachata Sensual teacher with a devoted interest in all styles of Bachata. He is also an international Bachata DJ as DJ Suave and promoter/organizer of events such as Sweden Kizomba Festival, Sweden Sensual Days etc.

In 2012 he started his dance school Esconde Dance where he teaches all styles of Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa regularly.

Jelena Nikic has danced Ballet, Jazz, Contemporay etc since she was 6 years old and started with Latin dances in 2015. She teaches Bachata regularly at Esconde Dance and has her own Bachata Lady Styling team and also teaches High Heels and Jazz Ballet at Dansforum Dance Academy.

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