Fabian & Nicolina

Fabian & Nicolina

They live in Göteborg, Sweden and travel all around the world, sharing their knowledge and flavour of what they love: Dancing!

Fabian & Nicolina have been dancing 3 years together and in that short time they have already traveled the world, performing and teaching in different Salsa and Bachata congresses, i.e. London, Croatia and Spain. 
In December 2012 they were the Swedish Representative in the Bachata European Championship, finishing 7'th out of 16 couples. 
They are runing the biggest Latin dance school in the west of Sweden with over 300 students. In Dance Vida Academy they are teaching Salsa (LA Style & Cuban Style) Bachata, WCS, Reggaeton, Body Isolation, Ladie's Styling and more.

Fabian Vallejos have danced about 8 years and his first passion was Salsa. He is the creator and owner of the Dance Vida Company. He has, together with his former dance partner Nina, won the Scandinavien Championship in Salsa and competed in the World Championship in Orlando where he finished 11'th of 46 couples.

Nicolina Donvin took her first dance steps in the latin world when she met Fabian 4 years ago. Before that she was a Belly dancer and had never danced partnerwork. Her number one passion today is Bachata and she is known for her soft and sensual styling. In the school she is teaching, besides her partnerwork classes with Fabian, Ladie's Styling, Reggaeton, Body Isolation, Spinning Technique and styling performence teams as well. 

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