was born 1983 in Bogotá, Colombia, and has since an early age danced several latindances.

In 1998 he moved to Sweden and continued dancing in Stockholm. He has worked for many years as an instructor, choreographer and trainer at Stockholm Salsa Dance, one of Sweden's oldest and biggest latin dance schools.

What characterizes him is his joy on the dance floor and high skills with a lot of movement. He's easy to work with others and enjoy meeting new people and learning new things



 started dancing in the age of 19. She went to New York where she tried different styles such as Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Street and different commercial styles. Since then she’s been on and off dancing, trying out classes, styles, and dance schools in Sweden.

There are different aspects about this particular dance floor that attract her, and the very first on the list is the social aspect. To feel empowered to enter that door, just as you are. Sure, we may speak different dialects, but we all use the same language in this room - dance. Lisondra loves playing with the music and rhythms, using her experiences from other dance styles. She hopes to encourage other people to find their own way of styling, where they feel comfortable.